International Food Dictionaries

A Travel Necessity

When traveling in a foreign country, one of the most challenging tasks that you face is translating the local cuisine. Even if you are familiar with the language each country has a distinct vocabulary to describe their food.

That is why we created the Foodee line of international food dictionaries. For a tenth of the price of a traditional print food dictionary you can hold the same information in your iPhone or iPod Touch. Better yet, you no longer have to franticly flip pages while you figure out what to order because it is fully searchable. Hundreds of words are at your fingertips where they can be accessed in seconds. All without an internet connection.

So before you end up eating something out of an Indiana Jones movie (you know, that second one) be sure to grab Foodee before you board your next flight!

iPhone Search Screen


  • Over 800 words
  • Instant search without Internet
  • Simultaneous search in English and the native language
  • Bookmark frequent words
  • Many new features coming soon!
  • Available on iPhone and iPod Touch

Go Ahead and Travel

The following countries are available for purchase on the iTunes Store:

Foodee Argentina Argentina

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